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How To Prepare For Condominium Buying?


If you are all set to buy a new condominium, here is what you should do. Specialist condo real estate agents go beyond the ordinary to deliver the best deals, satisfying your requirements while introducing you to the most contemporary architecture of modern times. Mirvish + Gehry condo is one such endeavour to get you the best buys in the art and entertainment district. covers all the trends in the industry to educate buyers and sellers on the latest happening along with fresh statistics.

What to look while buying a new condominium
Get the layout right. Check the floor plans for the unit and verify the measurements. In condo buying, it is extremely important to ensure that the floor area is just the interiors and not the exteriors or the interior wall floor space. The boundaries of the unit have to be well defined to acknowledge the reasonability of your unit. Check with the municipality about future structures in the complex and how it could affect the lifestyle of the present unit owners.

Determine if there is an option to decrease the height of the ceiling inside the unit. The ceiling height is reduced to facilitate electrical, plumbing and mechanical services. This could be crucial to the design philosophy and could also impact the lighting fixtures and placement of furniture. Some associations do not allow changes to the doorway, walls, windows or doors and if it is allowed, determine what the charges would be. Check for features like disability-friendly access and check if universal features are included. Identify the location of air conditioning and heating equipment. This may occupy a lot of space and can change the aesthetics of your unit.

Ensure there are no hidden costs when purchasing or renting a condo. Long-term leases on maintenance could affect the owner. Figure out the extra cost involved in the selling price. Check whether common amenities access the pool, park, clubhouse, parking, etc. are included in the price or exclusive. Find out whether the cost of utilities like gas, water, electricity are covered in the condominium fee or metered separately. Verify if the monthly condo fee is affordable. After the first year, the condo fee is likely to be increased or after the first reserve fund is over.

If the condo units are just being built, find out about the date of completion, the date of occupation and make sure it matches the purchase agreement date. While making an investment in a condo, it is important to get a thorough understanding of the unit. Talk to the developer and clarify aspects like:
· Efforts to contain noise pollution
· HVAC installation in the unit
· Control on the exteriors
· Energy efficiency of the building and systems to maintain its effectiveness
· Water saving fixtures and faucets
· Maintenance of heating and cooling systems
· Options for floor finishes, walls, electrical, plumbing and cabinets
· Environmental considerations

A consultation with a property lawyer is advised for verification of the deeds and purchase documents.

Top Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Firm

Property Management Firm

Renting out a property and managing it on a daily basis can be difficult for people who are already busy with their daily routine. According to the experts at Toronto property management business, hiring a professional property management company can help reduce the burden to a great extent. As stated by, there are several benefits to hiring a firm to look after the property on your behalf. Here are a few of them:

· Market Appraisal
You needn’t worry anymore about whether or not you are charging the right rent for the property. A property manager will do an independent assessment to find out the rent for the property based on several factors. Once this is achieved, you can start looking for new tenants based on the revised rent.
· Selecting Tenants
Every property owner has a harrowing time finding the right tenant to rent out their property to. Background checks, credits chest, etc. need to be done in order to ensure that they will look after your property as well as pay the rent on time. A property management firm has the right resources to carry out these checks as well as give you access to other information related to their previous renting history based on this information you can pick out a tenant easily.
· Marketing
Many property management firms have a list of prospective tenants. They can market your particular property to these clients and try to find the perfect match for you. These firms also use internet marketing to put your property on the market, as more and more tenants are turning to the virtual world to rent out the property for different uses.
· Viewing The Property
Along with the process of renting out a property comes the tedious task of taking each prospective tenant out to the property for a proper viewing. This can cut into your daily working hours and cause a lot of strain. A good property management firm will take this burden off your shoulders and contact you once they find a tenant who is satisfied with the property as well as the rent expected.
· Contracts
Rental contracts need to be very carefully written to protect you in every circumstance. It is best leaving this to the experts to avoid being duped by the tenants at t later stage. So if you have certain responsibilities to be included in the contact, you can request the property manager to do so. A clearly written contract can help solve any issues that might pop up between you and the tenant.
· Maintenance Issues
Another issue of owning property is carrying out regular maintenance checkups to ensure that the property is in top shape. A property management firm can do this for you on your behalf and even carry out repairs as and when required. This is a huge benefit for most property owners, as it saves them a lot of time and strain of going through regular inspection reports. The time saved can be spent browsing ICC Google+ Page. Property management firms usually have inspection experts on their payroll who do these regular check ups professionally.

How To Choose Custom Home Builders

Home Builders

Building a custom home is a dream which can be a reality only with planning and finding the right builder. is one such builder who turns the dreams of custom homes into reality for their clients. survey states that the decision of a builder will make or break your project. The builder you chose should be a partner who will put life into your aspirations of a custom home. Settle for a builder who will help you build a lovely home for you and your family which will be cherished for a long time.
There are a few handy tips which will help you avoid the mistakes that could turn into a catastrophe. Listed below are a few of them:

What do you want: Many people will have no idea whatsoever on what they want in their new home, or there are some who expect more than they can afford? It is important to list out all the things you want in your new home along with the budget you can afford to spend. Having clarity on your needs will help builders design better homes. Also, you should know whether you want a traditional or a modern home, based on this you can look for builders who specialize in that style.

Research on builders: Though there are many online resources through which you can look for builders, having a hands-on experience and speaking to people who have built custom homes is better. Look around your neighborhood, ask if they can provide a reference of builders. Find more details about the builders that are working in the area where you are building. Ask if they can show houses of their previous clients if they are ready. It means that they have a right rapport with the clients which is a positive as far as the builder is concerned.

A builder who contributes in design: Builders will usually have a core team of architects and draftsperson. Hiring someone who has this team means you will not have to look for an architect to plan your home. Moreover, when the builder is also part of the design, the costs and the materials logistics can be worked out during the design phase itself. Look for a builder who has design capabilities as this improves efficiency in all stages of building.

Budget: A builder should provide a breakup of all the costs involved in building a custom home. That way you will know what kind of commitment you are getting to. After completion of the plan, the builder should provide the cost based on the proposed project. Also, check for any hidden costs which might crop up in the middle of the construction and make your budget go haywire. Check with the previous clients of the builders if the builder had overshot the budget or not, this will give you a clear indication on the transparency of the builder.

Building a custom home is not easy, but by hiring the right builder through proper research, you can turn the dream of making home to reality.

Pros And Cons Of Staying In A Condominium

 Pros And Cons Of Condominium

Should you buy a condo or not? If you are having a tough time deciding whether a condo is for you, there are few pros and cons to consider. gives you a lot of options for the pre-public sales. helps you buy, rent, or sell properties. Sign up now to receive alerts in your inbox.

At first thought, you may cherish the idea of parting with your lawn mower when you move into a condo. On the other hand, you might have to leave your satellite dish behind in order to comply with the housing rules. Carefully weigh each pro and con so it is easier for you to choose between an independent home and a stylish condo.

Advantages Of Living In A Condo
· Low maintenance costs- You do not have to worry about fixing the motor or sprucing the lawn. There is no more mowing or snow plowing as all these chores will be taken care of by the association. This is an added advantage as first-time home buyers do not have to worry about landscaping or road maintenance. You have to pay an initial membership fee that will include all the maintenance costs and repair work.

If you travel frequently or you are not interested in being part of the arduous maintenance work, consider buying a condo.

· Better security- Advanced security features were the prime reason condo dwellers cited over their choice of homes. There are surveillance cameras and home guards patrolling the premises throughout the day and night. It gives you a peace of mind when you are away on a vacation or out on an official tour.

Several condos provided gated entries and the authenticity of visitors is mandatory. If you stay by yourself or if safety is a concern to you, a condo is a right choice. In addition to this, knowing that you have neighbors in close proximity to you will give you peace of mind.

· Amenities- Most of the condos are equipped with gyms, swimming pools, recreational areas, children’s play area, and a lawn. You do not have to spend extra money to enjoy these amenities as they are usually covered in the membership fees.

How about BBQ night or a Friday game night with the other families? Most of the condo communities provide residents with a plethora of activities. It is also a novel way to make friends and socialize with other members of the community.

· Affordable- buying a condo is cheaper than investing your money in independent homes.

And, Reasons Why A Condo Is Not Meant For You
· No privacy- A condo is like an apartment with shared features. If you not keen on the idea of sharing a hall or you do not like your neighbor walking up and down the stairway, a condo is not meant for you.

· Rules- Do you detest living life by the rulebook? Considering a condo as a bad option for home buyers. As a resident, you have to abide by the management rules. For instance, if you are keen on getting a solar panel installed on your rooftop, you must first approach the concerned authorities and get their permission.

If you are already nodding your head in disapproval, you know your next option.

Before you embark on the business of buying a condo for your family, carefully weigh your options. If you have stayed in a condo before, evaluate the experience so you do not deal with disappointments in the future.

What Are The Various Types Of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are an effortless, safe and convenient way for people who have difficulty climbing stairs in their homes. Stairlifts look like a chair but are battery operated and run on a rail. A user sits on the Gamburd stairlift, and the rails help it to move up and down. The movement of the chair can either be remote controlled or through a switch, and the tracks can be placed on either side of the stairs. Stairlifts are broadly classified into two types straight and curved, though lists many other different types of stairlifts. You can also get tailor-made stairlifts for your homes depending on the design of your stairs. The stairlifts also come in many types, seated, standing, vertical, and outdoor.

Straight staircase seated stairlifts
These are simple and straightforward to install as it runs on a straight track. The installation can get complicated when there is a door at the top of the stair, or the stairs are not wide enough for the stairlift to traverse. If the stairs curve which is most probably the case in most houses, then along with the straight stairlift you will need a bridging to reach the top of the stair. Since these chairs are battery operated, they need to be recharged. Recharge happens on the parking spot with the help of a charger, so decide on where the stairlift will be parked. Due to the ease of installation, the straight stairlift is cheaper than other types.

Curved Stairlifts
If you have a staircase that is curved, then you will have to go for a curved stairlift. The installation of this stairlift is complicated and requires customized rails made to the shape of the stairs. Due to this reason, this type of stairlift is expensive.

Standing stairlift:
When you have a staircase which is narrow, standing stairlift has to be fitted as there is no space to install a seated stairlift. Another aspect to consider is that since the user has to stand, there needs to be enough headroom else your head will hit the ceiling. Though not suitable for people who get tipsy or cannot stand, it is good for people who have knee issues and hence cannot bend it.

Vertical Lifts
These are lifts that move through a vertical hole drilled through the ceiling. Unlike the straight and curved stairlifts, the tracks are attached to the wall. This option is only when you cannot install other stairlifts due to space or design constraints. It is the best option for users who are wheelchair bound and cannot move to a stairlift chair. This type of lift is the most expensive as you will have to drill a hole in the ceiling for installation. Also, careful consideration has to be made on the strength of the house as often drilling a hole in the roof can cause structural damages.

Outdoor lifts
As the name indicates, they are fit on the steps of your outdoor. Similar to the straight stairlifts, these can help you to reach your garden or front of your house and is made of weatherproof materials.