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Tips For Lawn Maintenance And Care

Great landscaping adds a lot of value to the aesthetics of your home. It is a matter of pride to have a lawn that is healthy and green. But maintaining and caring for a garden, and for it to thrive is no small task says a leading Georgetown Landscaping company. A green lawn is also more for sustainability too, read more www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-cohen/sustainable-gardening-and_b_9880140.html. If you want your garden to look green during winter and spend less time during the warm season, then you should prepare it in fall. Performing maintenance activities during this time will make prepare garden for the winter.

Mow the lawn: Mowing the lawn till the first day of winter is critical as it helps to retain the nitrogen in the soil as long as possible. A mower should be used when you mow the grass for the last time, and that will help it to retain nitrogen for the most part of winter and spring. Also, check for any weeds in your lawn. Regularly rake the leaves so that they grass healthy as leaves can choke and kill the grass on the lawn. Leaves should be disposed or spread so that they act as compost.
Prune the trees and large plants as part of regular maintenance activity. Dead or diseased limbs should be pruned or trimmed. Remove any infected branches so that it does not infest the other branches too. Water them thoroughly before the winter and get the potted plants inside after spraying water to remove pests when the temperatures drop.

Detach and Aerate: Unless you use a mulching mower for removing grass, they are not thoroughly chopped due to which that gets accumulated. To prevent it you should rake your lawn. Moreover, aerating your garden will give the grass a healthy look in fall. It helps in water movement as well as air circulation. That leads to root growing deeper into the soil. Aerating the land can be done through an aerator or by a hand cultivator.
If the soil is compact in your garden, you should dig holes with a spade which are 2 feet deep. For large lawns you should be using a push spike to make things easy for yourself.
Plant in spring: Bulbs like tulips, daffodils, etc. can be planted in spring. Tubers are also planted during that season by choosing the healthy ones which are firm. During winter cover the tubers and bulbs with a compost blanket so that it covers them. It is also time to plant perennial rye, bluegrass, etc.

Fertilize: You should start fertilizing before winter arrives, you should use the right ones that are needed for the grass as well as your flowers. There are many fertilizers which have high potassium which helps the lawn in colder seasons and also prevents any diseases from spreading. Evenly apply it all over your yard.

Clean tools and pack furniture: It’s time to clean your tools and put them in a safe and dry place so that it does not rust. Cleaning them prevents your tool from getting corroded.
Since it gets frigid in the winter, you are unlikely to sit on the patio so pack your furniture to store them.