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Pros And Cons Of Staying In A Condominium

 Pros And Cons Of Condominium

Should you buy a condo or not? If you are having a tough time deciding whether a condo is for you, there are few pros and cons to consider. http://my1yongecondo.ca gives you a lot of options for the pre-public sales. www.realestate.com helps you buy, rent, or sell properties. Sign up now to receive alerts in your inbox.

At first thought, you may cherish the idea of parting with your lawn mower when you move into a condo. On the other hand, you might have to leave your satellite dish behind in order to comply with the housing rules. Carefully weigh each pro and con so it is easier for you to choose between an independent home and a stylish condo.

Advantages Of Living In A Condo
· Low maintenance costs- You do not have to worry about fixing the motor or sprucing the lawn. There is no more mowing or snow plowing as all these chores will be taken care of by the association. This is an added advantage as first-time home buyers do not have to worry about landscaping or road maintenance. You have to pay an initial membership fee that will include all the maintenance costs and repair work.

If you travel frequently or you are not interested in being part of the arduous maintenance work, consider buying a condo.

· Better security- Advanced security features were the prime reason condo dwellers cited over their choice of homes. There are surveillance cameras and home guards patrolling the premises throughout the day and night. It gives you a peace of mind when you are away on a vacation or out on an official tour.

Several condos provided gated entries and the authenticity of visitors is mandatory. If you stay by yourself or if safety is a concern to you, a condo is a right choice. In addition to this, knowing that you have neighbors in close proximity to you will give you peace of mind.

· Amenities- Most of the condos are equipped with gyms, swimming pools, recreational areas, children’s play area, and a lawn. You do not have to spend extra money to enjoy these amenities as they are usually covered in the membership fees.

How about BBQ night or a Friday game night with the other families? Most of the condo communities provide residents with a plethora of activities. It is also a novel way to make friends and socialize with other members of the community.

· Affordable- buying a condo is cheaper than investing your money in independent homes.

And, Reasons Why A Condo Is Not Meant For You
· No privacy- A condo is like an apartment with shared features. If you not keen on the idea of sharing a hall or you do not like your neighbor walking up and down the stairway, a condo is not meant for you.

· Rules- Do you detest living life by the rulebook? Considering a condo as a bad option for home buyers. As a resident, you have to abide by the management rules. For instance, if you are keen on getting a solar panel installed on your rooftop, you must first approach the concerned authorities and get their permission.

If you are already nodding your head in disapproval, you know your next option.

Before you embark on the business of buying a condo for your family, carefully weigh your options. If you have stayed in a condo before, evaluate the experience so you do not deal with disappointments in the future.