What Are The Various Types Of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are an effortless, safe and convenient way for people who have difficulty climbing stairs in their homes. Stairlifts look like a chair but are battery operated and run on a rail. A user sits on the Gamburd stairlift, and the rails help it to move up and down. The movement of the chair can either be remote controlled or through a switch, and the tracks can be placed on either side of the stairs. Stairlifts are broadly classified into two types straight and curved, though www.which.co.uk lists many other different types of stairlifts. You can also get tailor-made stairlifts for your homes depending on the design of your stairs. The stairlifts also come in many types, seated, standing, vertical, and outdoor.

Straight staircase seated stairlifts
These are simple and straightforward to install as it runs on a straight track. The installation can get complicated when there is a door at the top of the stair, or the stairs are not wide enough for the stairlift to traverse. If the stairs curve which is most probably the case in most houses, then along with the straight stairlift you will need a bridging to reach the top of the stair. Since these chairs are battery operated, they need to be recharged. Recharge happens on the parking spot with the help of a charger, so decide on where the stairlift will be parked. Due to the ease of installation, the straight stairlift is cheaper than other types.

Curved Stairlifts
If you have a staircase that is curved, then you will have to go for a curved stairlift. The installation of this stairlift is complicated and requires customized rails made to the shape of the stairs. Due to this reason, this type of stairlift is expensive.

Standing stairlift:
When you have a staircase which is narrow, standing stairlift has to be fitted as there is no space to install a seated stairlift. Another aspect to consider is that since the user has to stand, there needs to be enough headroom else your head will hit the ceiling. Though not suitable for people who get tipsy or cannot stand, it is good for people who have knee issues and hence cannot bend it.

Vertical Lifts
These are lifts that move through a vertical hole drilled through the ceiling. Unlike the straight and curved stairlifts, the tracks are attached to the wall. This option is only when you cannot install other stairlifts due to space or design constraints. It is the best option for users who are wheelchair bound and cannot move to a stairlift chair. This type of lift is the most expensive as you will have to drill a hole in the ceiling for installation. Also, careful consideration has to be made on the strength of the house as often drilling a hole in the roof can cause structural damages.

Outdoor lifts
As the name indicates, they are fit on the steps of your outdoor. Similar to the straight stairlifts, these can help you to reach your garden or front of your house and is made of weatherproof materials.

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